A Brief Review of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act for Parents.

Times change quickly. The internet is overtaking TV as the dominant communications platform, while mobile usage continues to gain traction in both the US and across the globe.


Artist’s Profile: Jessika von Innerebner

Jessika von Innerebner is a wonderful illustrator-animator-concept artist. Kids love her funny style. She has been working for the last 12 years collaborating with brands such as Disney, Nintendo and Fisher Price. For Curious Hat, Jessika has created 26 super funny monsters that children can paint in many different ways. How did you learn about […]


Artist’s Profile: Mitsue Haya

Artist Mitsue Haya is originally from Japan and is an animator, illustrator, sculptor and  all around creative artist… she even writes stories! Mitsue also created the character “Nana,” an Official Selection at Annecy 2003, and helped bring to life the  character design of “Mini,” a character that helps grow small plants. Mitsue started as assistant of Fusako […]


Artist’s Profile: Francesco Chiacchio

Francesco Chiacchio is an Italian-born illustrator from Florence. His illustration work includes the books “90 secondi all’inferno. Storie jazz” and “Dall’Atlante agli Appennini.” His body of work can also be found in magazines and comics as well as on record covers and theater posters. He has also published for the daily Italian national newspaper, “La […]


Eye Paint Animals in App Store heaven!

When we started brainstorming the idea behind the Eye Paint series we were passionate about the idea of taking children in a visual quest for colors, patterns and textures and the idea to collaborate with talented and renowned artists from around the world. Deep in our heart we knew we were designing something different from […]


Eye Paint Animals featured on New and Noteworthy

We just got word that Eye Paint Animals has been featured in the US AppStore under the New and Noteworthy Education Category. Here are snapshots of the iPhone and iPad stores. This is the second app from Curious Hat to be featured by Apple, Color Vacuum was featured back in June. For us is an […]


Many Curious Eyes around 500 Startups

Last Sunday a new batch of Curious Testers gathered in our office at 500 Startups. Sabrina – Talia – Ella – Tyler – Abby – Jonathan – Krisaana – Aryka – Polina They played for an hour with Eye Paint, run around the office grabbing colors and textures from furniture, toys, walls, clothes, each other! […]

Curious Hat PHLIP

Phlip reviewed by KinderTown

KinderTown has just published a great review of PHLIP. We love the way they added suggestions on how to extend the gameplay and stimulate adult-child interaction using the puzzle as starting point. This is exactly what we setup to do with this app and we can’t agree more! Curious Hat has taken puzzle technology to […]


Bruno Bozzetto loves Eye Paint Animals!

Bruno Bozzetto, probably the greatest Italian animator, has painted this fish he named Stuffy with our latest app, Eye Paint Animals.

Eye Paint: Featuring Amelia

Here is the latest video introducing Eye Paint Animals featuring the beautiful Amelia. Eye Paint Animals showcase the wonderful work of Giorgio Cavazzano, a world renowned Italian illustrator. You can read more about the Eye Paint series here. Eye Paint Animals will be available in the App Store starting on Tuesday November 13th, 2012.