A well designed and easy to use app to measure objects around you and compare to other objects.

A perfect tool for the Measurement and Data Core Standards curriculum.

Start by selecting a reference object from the 36 available in Curious Ruler.

You can find them all around you.

Coins and paper bills from around the world
Lego and Duplo bricks
US and A4 letter sheets
Soccer, Tennis, Basket, Football, Baseball balls
iPhone, iPad
Credit card
Soda can

Place the reference object and the object you want to measure next to each other.

Tap to snap a photo.

Now you can drag the sliders to measure the 2 objects.

You can change the units displayed between the US and Metric measurement system.

Compare your measurement against different objects illustrated in a clear and easy to understand graphic.

Find out how many pennies fit in your object and learn about fractions in a fun way!