InfiniScroll is the open-ended storytelling tool for curious minds.

No ads.
No InApp Purchases.
No direct links to external sites.
No personal data is collected.
Images and movies are stored in the Camera Roll (and from there can be shared with the rest of the world).

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InfiniScroll breaks the rules of linear storytelling by creating a never ending magical visual exploration of the wonderful drawings by Francesco Chiacchio.

Here are few ways to play with InfiniScroll:
* let the randomness create endless storyboards giving parents (and children) a jumpstart on inspired storytelling! Play funky sounds by tapping on some areas of the drawings
* lock the drawings you like, then go back and add your own voice!
You can later save your story as a movie!
* record a short sentence for each drawing (even add a rhyme) and observe what happens when they are played back in random order. You can record sound effects, describe what you see or tell a piece of a bigger story.
* take turns with your children or their friends each recording one sentence per drawing and see how the story unfolds!
* use the available recording sets to store multiple voices and different stories
* creative parents can use the random nature of the app to create new bedtime stories every night

Your story. Your voice. Your imagination!

Scroll up and down to reveal always different connected drawings that frame your story.

Lock the drawings you like to create your own story and…

… then add your own voice for each drawing!

Tap on the drawing to discover strange sounds.

Tap on the Curious Hat to explore more options:
  • scramble the 5 drawings and create a new story
  • save the story as image or as a movie with your own voice

Let your imagination fly!