We create immersive explorations that engage children with the environment around them and stimulate their creativity and ingenuity, while simultaneously enhancing their senses through the use of mobile devices.

Our objective is to motivate children
to discover and engage
with their physical environment
in a new and exciting ways.

We strongly believe that it is vital that children play, explore and learn in the real world.

We see in mobile technology a way to extend and enhance a child’s senses during these important explorations.

We don’t build games. We create portable tools that stimulate children’s imagination and creativity while they are discovering the world around them. Curiosity, play and the intrinsic desire to learn and explore are what we want to promote and nurture.

We also believe that adults are an integral part of a child’s creative and learning activities, so we are designing applications that engage adults on new levels and encourage and foster shared adult-child experiences.