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Curious Hat™ & Imaginarium® partnership

January 31th, 2012Curious Hat™ & Imaginarium® Join Forces to Distribute Series of Children’s Apps on PaquitoLand® Platform

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Eye Paint MyDIARY

January 28th, 2012Eye Paint MyDIARY by Curious Hat™ Now Available on Apple App Store

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Eye Paint International

December 18th, 2012:  Curious Hat™ Releases Eye Paint International on Apple App Store

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Eye Paint

November 13th, 2012:  Eye Paint Animals – Art and Exploration Combine in New App from Curious Hat™

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500 Startups

September 27th, 2012:  Curious Hat™ Joins 500 Startups’ 2012 Accelerator Program

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September 19th, 2012:  Snap. Shuffle. Solve – PHLIP by Curious Hat™ Hits the Apple App Store

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An Animated Future for Curious Hat

July 23rd, 2012: World-class animation and serious smarts combine in a range of exciting new apps scheduled for release in late summer 2012

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Color Vacuum International

July 3rd, 2012: Curious Hat™ Releases Color Vacuum International on Apple App Store

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Color Vacuum

May 16th, 2012: New Kids on the Block, Curious Hat™ Launch Their First App For iPhone and iPad

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