Prior to creating CURIOUS HAT, Luca and Erwan spent many years working on feature films such as Shrek. They helped create the technologies that have brought to life dozens of unforgettable characters and have told amazing stories.
The CURIOUS HAT team not only directly possesses the technical and creative skills acquired from more than 40 years of combined experience in feature film production and software development, but also encompasses a network of amazing artists and collaborators (in Italy, France, California, India, Spain, China) that share our vision and passion.

We strive to design tools for our children that will urge them to play, create, invent, explore, and enjoy learning so that they can help build a better world.

Curious Hat is a member of Moms With Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

Luca Prasso

CEO Co Founder

Erwan Maigret

CTO Co Founder

Nadia Andreini

Creative Director


Liz Tjostolvsen – Netherlands


Leticia Borges – Spain
Waad Boudiab – Lebanon
Dominique Conti – Canada
Екатерина Давыдова – Russia
铧 李 – China
Susanne Harelius – Sweden
Keiko Hirose – Japan
Annabelle Lapeyre Cuenca – France
Anubhav Mishra – India
Suzanne Solsona – USA
Deniz Taylan – Turkey


Giorgio Cavazzano – Italy
Jeanne Des Vallieres – India
Luca Giarrettino – Italy
Mitsue Haya- Japan
Terry Amaini- Italy
Ernesto Paganoni – Italy
Francesco Chiacchio – Italy
Jessika Von Innerebner – Canada


Philippe Guillamet – France
Nick Long – USA
Erwan Maigret – France
Luca Prasso – USA


Ragnar Hellspong – Sweden


Hassan Awada – Lebanon
Anne-C. Bernard-Bonnin – Canada
Elise Guilloux – France
Jin Liu – China
Michela Marini – USA
Lina Tsrim – Russia


Fabrizio Capobianco – USA
Jonathan Lindo – USA
Michele Simonato – Italy